Wednesday’s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 4-17-13

April 17, 2013 by Nameclerk  
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Please pardon my absence for the past 10 days. I had a lot of personal business to attend to and there just wasn't enough time in the day to work on domain lists. Things have now returned to normal and I'll get back to my usual routine. My apologies for not answering emails in a timely fashion during the mentioned time period.

I wish today's list was a bit better but I can only report what's there. Have a great day and good luck in the auctions. - One of the better undiscovered domains today. The and .biz are developed, as well as Zizania is AKA wild rice. - I'm not in love with this one but it's a decent identity for a GroupOn style site specializing in restaurant offers. 10 years old and no bids. - I'm also luke warm on this exact match product domain. Plenty of indexed pages for the term but not many ads. Has a single $12 bid. - Could this be the next superfruit? Mainly grown in China but the flavor has appeared in North American drinks. Has a single $10 bid. 6 years old. - Reg'd in .net and .org with plenty of ads for this term. Not much age but it's cheap at $12. - Has a lot going for it for a domain with no bids. Plenty of ads and the .net forwards to a minisite hosted on the .org. 13 years old too. - Another domain that's probably worth taking a chance on at its current price level. 9 years old and no bids.

93 domain auctions are listed below. The Godaddy auctions begin ending at 11am EST and continue through late afternoon EST.

*Godaddy affiliate links below open to domain sales page. 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. I appreciate your support. Try coupon code CJC795DOM at checkout for $8.47 renewal price. Your mileage may vary.

My Top Picks for Wednesday's Expiring Domain Auctions 4-17

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  1. Spike says:

    Been missing your posts. Glad you are back in the saddle again!

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