Saturday’s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 1-2-13

February 2, 2013 by Nameclerk  
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I was pretty optimistic after seeing how large the download file was for today's Godaddy inventory but it didn't produce as many quality domains as I was expecting. 15,000 domains will usually result in a published list of 100 or more so when I saw over 22,000 domains I was thinking 150 or higher. That didn't happen. I guess size doesn't matter. Have a great weekend!

I wrote and scheduled this post Friday evening so pricing on some of these might have changed considerably since then. - I just learned this is an alternative spelling for meow. Apparently it's also the name of a Japanese music group. Taken in many extensions and it's 7 years old. $30 as I write this. - Fitness domains usually do well and I suspect this one will too. Reg'd in a handful of extensions. Was at $62 when I found it but probably higher now. - A pretty good domain for an affiliate site. Might go on the cheap as it currently has no bids. - Taken in a few gTLD's and the .org is fully developed. 14 years old and currently has one $12 bid. - Over 1.5 million indexed pages for this term and plenty of ads. No bids right now. - Product domain with lots of advertisers. Badly developed on the .org. 6 years old and no bids. - Another product domain with lots of ads. This one is 14 years old. No bids. - A good call to action domain in a topic that is getting a lot of attention. The .net is reg'd and the .org forwards to a developed site. Was $30 last I checked. - I like the potential here for a employee savings service, 401k's, pensions, etc. No bids. - The fun of investing without the risk. I've heard of these before but have never participated. 6 years old and no bids. - Create an authority site for Hipsters and sell them thick lensless glasses. No bids.

100 domain auctions are listed below. The Godaddy auctions begin ending at 11am EST and continue through late afternoon EST.

*Godaddy affiliate links below open to domain sales page. 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. I appreciate your support. Try coupon code CJC795DOM at checkout for $8.47 renewal price. Your mileage may vary.

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