Friday’s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 7-5-13

I tested a different method for finding names today and ended up with a much smaller list. There's also the possibility that it's just a slow day and I would ended up with a similar size list using my regular method. Enough rambling, here's today's Godaddy auctions. - A nice resell candidate with developed sites on,, and Currently $15. - Appears to have been used by an Atlanta based mortgage company that shut down in 2009. Reg'd in multiple gTLD's and it is 16 years old. Still affordable at $52. - ADJ - possessing or trained in more than one skill or area of expertise. A solid job/career training domain. 8 years old and no bids. - A geo service domain with resell potential. Developed sites include:,,, etc. 11 years old and no bids. - A first name and also a surname with over 5 million indexed pages on Google. Currently $12. - Good domain for a restaurant coupon site just like the site at 9 years old and no bids.

84 domain auctions are listed below. The Godaddy auctions begin ending at 11am EST and continue through late afternoon EST.

*Godaddy affiliate links below open to domain sales page. 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. I appreciate your support. Try coupon code CJC795DOM at checkout for $8.47 renewal price. Your mileage may vary.

My Top Picks for Friday's Expiring Domain Auctions 7-5

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