My Picks For Monday’s Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-3-12

December 3, 2012 by Nameclerk  
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I always enjoy creating Monday lists after getting some rest and relaxation during the weekend. The results don't always pan out though. This is one of those occasions as the inventory just isn't there today. Hopefully there is some higher quality domains available tomorrow. Have a great day. - A true expired auction and likely to get renewed. Currently at $8,005 on 59 bids. - This one's a public auction but hasn't met reserve. Probably has a ways to go to do so. $3,605 on 35 bids. - Plenty of search results and ads accompany this term. One of the better names today without any bids. - A catchy brandable that's registered in multiple extensions and is still waiting for a bid. - A common real estate moniker with nearly 400,000 results in Google's index. 13 years old too. Still affordable at $35.

105 domain auctions are listed below. The Godaddy auctions begin ending at 12pm EST and continue through late afternoon EST.

*Godaddy affiliate links below open to domain sales page. 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. I appreciate your support. Try coupon code CJC795DOM at checkout for $8.47 renewal price. Your mileage may vary.

My Top Picks for Monday's Expiring Domain Auctions 12-3

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+Bill Eisenmann
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2 Responses to “My Picks For Monday’s Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-3-12”
  1. Nick Capece says:

    Hi Bill,
    On avg, todays names may be weak, but there’s about 5 standouts that are better than most since recent week or so. Very much appeciate this list today!

  2. Michael says:

    Grabbed two GEMS on this list! Thanks Bill! Your lists are awesome. What’s funny is, on days you say the list is weak, is when I get my favorite names. So feel free to keep that up ; )

    I’d name the two I bought, but I dont want them getting renewed! Although, they usually do. The good ones anyway! Drop me a line if you’d like to know which ones.


    PS- thank you again for, one of my fav pick ups off your lists, ever.

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