Monday’s Top Godaddy Domain Name Auctions 11-19-12

November 19, 2012 by Nameclerk  
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I was hoping for a better start to the week but Godaddy didn't comply and today's list is rather sparse with little to get excited about. Hopefully things will change as the week progresses. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and you're ready to get back to work. Good luck bidding. - Plenty of search results and ads accompany this term. It's 10 years old and has only one $10 bid. - A lot of business, mostly florists, are using this term. Reg'd in a few extensions and it's 9 years old. Currently at $20. - One of the better brandables in today's lean list. 8 years old and no bids.

93 domain auctions are listed below. The Godaddy auctions begin ending at 12pm EST and continue through late afternoon EST.

*Godaddy affiliate links below open to domain sales page. 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. I appreciate your support. Try coupon code CJC795DOM at checkout for $8.47 renewal price. Your mileage may vary.

My Top Picks for Monday's Expiring Domain Auctions 11-19

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4 Responses to “Monday’s Top Godaddy Domain Name Auctions 11-19-12”
  1. Nick Capece says:

    My favorite is – a real PR3 with a very robust history circa 2006.

    Bill – BTW, youre email newsletter request link seems to be 404′ing

  2. Nick Capece says:

    Bill – Was wondering your opinion if is deindexed on Google? There is one strange URL stub returned, not seen that before. Kinda hard to assess the picture vs. the expected url matches returns in the site: search

    • Nameclerk says:

      Based off that result, I would say it’s likely deindexed. My process doesn’t check for that so it’s always best practice to check things like that out before dropping cash on domain auctions.

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