and Amongst Godaddy Expired Domains

February 28, 2012 by Nameclerk  
Filed under Domain Names for Sale, Expired Domains and appear to be the frontrunners for Tuesday's Godaddy expired domain auctions. The possible "Budget" TM issue concerns me a bit but do your due diligence on that one. Also getting attention are,, and My sleepers are,, and, none of which have bids at the time of this writing.

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My Top Picks for Tuesday's Expiring Domain Auctions 2-28

End of Top Picks. More Good Ones Below. ----------------------


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2 Responses to “ and Amongst Godaddy Expired Domains”
  1. Mike says:

    Sorry but BUDGET is a WORD and in the context, I dont see any hint that the domain could be used to RENT a car. These companies need to learn a lesson about why its BAD to trademark a generic WORD. Its too bad for them. If it were BudgetCarRentals then I would not have the same comment here. But its insurance.

    • Nameclerk says:

      Thanks for your comment Mike. I agree that it’s two different verticals. I’m just pointing out that it’s something you should take into account before bidding on this particular domain. I wouldn’t be doing my visitors any favors if I just listed the good domains without highlighting possible issues.

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